Spring Clean-up

Spring Clean-up

COVID19 In Delta, BC

The spread of the novel coronavirus disease (also known as COVID19) has upended daily life globally, the effects can also be seen in Canada in recent weeks as well. Starting from China, the Pandemic has caused havoc on all aspects of life. Businesses have stopped trading, companies are shutting down.

If you are a resident of British Columbia, or really anywhere in the world, you are aware of the steps being taken by the government to control the spread of the COVID19. Health officials are urging all events and gathering to stop until further notice, every age group is getting affected as public places are being closed, be it schools, playgrounds, sporting, and indoor events. The events are being canceled to control the pandemic spread in Vancouver and surrounding areas. The city council of Vancouver declared a state of emergency on 19th March and assured the residents that they are closely monitoring the situation in BC by creating a dedicated task force on COVID19. The impact of the pandemic is rippling through all the major economies and all major aspects of life but what impact does it have on waste and recycling companies?

Spring Clean-up

Annual Spring Clean-up Cancelled due to COVID19

The annual pick up service (Spring Clean-up) in Delta, BC also has been affected by this pandemic. The service allowed Delta residents to put excess items outside their homes for collection. Recently in response to the danger posed by the pandemic, among the many other steps taken by the government, the spring clean-up has also been canceled for this spring in British Columbia (BC). Due to the social distancing (staying home and limiting errands etc.) that is advised by health officials during this pandemic, the pick-up has been canceled by the City Of Delta. This can be very worrisome if you have been saving up things to get rid of for the annual Spring Pick up.

The government has also advised that non-essential goods shouldn’t be brought to the landfill so they can focus more on giving access and service to commercial goods. Residents have also been told that they should expect delays when bringing garbage/recycling. The government representatives have been assuring the citizens that they are making every effort to ensure essential services are maintained during these difficult times. The residents of Vancouver who want to get rid of the junk at their homes, or the ones moving homes and don’t want to take away that junk with them. These times are distressing as the annual spring cleanup service has been canceled.

They have issued a statement that encourages the residents of Vancouver and surrounding suburbs to store the excess items during this pandemic as the social distancing advised by the government to plank the spread of COVID19 must be followed. The city council has also urged the residents to only visit the drop off places if it is necessary and advised the residents to wash hands before visiting the facilities and also maintain a safe distance (2 meters) from other people. The city council has also notified that there is no plan in the pipeline to have the clean up rescheduled this year.


With the spring cleanup suspended in Delta, BC, it has affected a lot of people who may have a lot of junk in their home and would like to get rid of that old sofa or a truck full of junk. They are looking for alternative options to get their excess items off their property and in some cases storing them until a later date is just not an option such as moving or estate cleanups for example. One of the services that are available in the Vancouver area for Junk removal that can’t be stored for the time being is Rid-Of-It Vancouver Junk Removal, which offers all sorts of Junk removal, be it a sofa, a mattress, a fridge, electronic appliances or even excess yard waste and trimmings.


Spring Clean-up | COVID19



The service can be arranged by calling the junk removal company and arranging a pickup at the convenience of the customer. Everything can be left outside so social distancing can still be in effect during the COVID19 pandemic. The team is taking extra precautions during this time, wearing gloves and washing hands regularly as well as maintaining space between others.

During these difficult times where many people are facing the effects of this virus, many people would like to donate to the vulnerable ones in society and would like to be able to give their unwanted stuff or donate to the local charities during these unprecedented times. Rid-Of-It prides itself on donating or recycling up to 60% of what they pick up.

Thankfully, during the suspension of the spring clean-up service, there are other services available to haul your excess items out of your households. Stay in your homes and control the spread of the disease to protect yourself and your loved ones during these unprecedented times.

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